Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Another Baby Blessing and Warm Weather

I stole this picture from my sister in-law Alese. Last Sunday we went to Levan for Otto's blessing. Alese had a lunch at the firehouse after church and Michele once again (with groans from men in the family) pulled everyone together for a family picture. Way to go Michele, I love it!!
Were so excited for Alese and Ryan but I think Olin is the happiest. He can't wait for Otto to get big and rope with him. Notice Otto's blanket in the family picture. Alese bought one for Olin and gave it to him for his 1st birthday (it is his favorite blanket) seen here, here, and here. She also had the forsight to buy one for her future child but Olin can't quite wrap his brain around it. Everytime were together he tries to claim that for his own. But can you blame him, it really is a cool blanket.

This Saturday it was FINALLY warm enough to take all the kids outside to ride horses. Lottie was so cute. She was only out for about an hour but her eyes were wide open the whole time and her little mouth formed into an "o" shape, she was pretty fascinated with the new world she discovered.

And just in case you know Rio, this was him snooping Lottie and my camera out.
Before we say anything about riding horses to the kids (mostly JayLee) Trent and I do a lot of whispering. If we say, "maybe we should ride horses today," very loud or loud enough for JayLee to hear we never live it down. She wants to go out right that second and ride her horse. And if we tell her, "yeah Jay, we'll go out in a while" she can't really contain herself. She just says over and over, "Is it time yet? Can we go catch Kash now? When are we going to go...." You get the idea. She is definitely horse crazy.

Olin isn't quite as horse crazy as JayLee is. Don't get me wrong, he loves them but isn't quite as comfortable on them. He would rather ride with someone. It was kind of like pulling teeth to get him on alone. He rode with me for a while even though he loves his Dad's horse "Hazel Girl"
Trent took Hazel into the pasture and trotted some circles for a while and Jay, Olin, Lottie and I stayed in the trees by the house. I took this picture when he was coming back and thought it was pretty cool. Zak likes to stay pretty close to whoever goes in the field riding.When Lottie fell asleep, I got a turn to ride. JayLee and I went and rode in the pasture for a bit. She is getting pretty good at making Kash do what she wants. Last year she got really frustrated with him when he would go back to the tack shed and would just yell for someone to help her. On Saturday she didn't let him get away with much though. I was really proud of her.

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