Sunday, March 20, 2011

Inside Out and Backwards

If you've met Olin, you might think he is a sweet sweet boy. He looks at you with his blue eyes and smiles and he has you wrapped around his finger. He is funny and cute and he is the first one of my kids to break a window. Yep, that would be Olin. How? you might ask,

Well most kids might accidentally break windows by throwing a baseball from the outside of the house in. Right? Not Olin. He threw a baseball bat inside and almost out.

After he did it, he was so surprised that the glass would actually break. He just stared at it until we came and sent him to timeout. Were just glad it happened now and not 2 months ago when the temperature was well below zero.


Michelle said...

My little cutie he is such a good boy. They always have accidents. Love the coveralls inside out and backwards who helped him put them on.

Kortnie said...

The coveralls aren't on inside out and backwards, him throwing the bat was inside out and backwards. lol because it should have been a ball from the outside...