Sunday, May 8, 2011

She is 5!!!

JayLee turned 5. I was looking through pictures on the computer and decided she needs a post all to herself. CAUTION: There is a picture overload in this post!!

She was a colicky, ornery baby. It may have just been that we didn't have a clue what we were doing but JayLee was rough. I used to dread every night at about 7:00 because I knew she would cry and cry and cry. She didn't want to eat and who knew when she would sleep. Nevertheless we all survived.

And we love this little girl!! When she got over the colic it was like having a different baby. Very social. Smiling at everyone. I remember one morning we woke up to her laughing in her crib, cutest thing ever! She loved her binky. She was and still is afraid of men (hope that lasts another 20 years). She was also terrified of the vacuum but she still doesn't really like anything that is too loud.

She is one beautiful and crazy, funny girl!!


Aunts, Uncles, Grandmas, and cousins (in no particular order)

I cannot count how many times she fell asleep on that rocking horse. It was a lot.

I have to beg her to wear anything but cowboy boots. stillThis is a picture of my Dad and JayLee when she was almost 2. Just a couple of weeks before he passed away.

She loves to be outside, swim, sleigh ride, swing, ride bikes, RIDE HORSES or just play with friends.
She rides her stick horse ALOT!! inside or outside, it doesn't matter. We have had to lay down the law about riding in my bedroom since she busted my full length mirror.JayLee has NEVER been afraid of horses. She has wanted to lead them since she could walk. There has been many fights over who gets to hold the leadrope.

She loves to sing and dance. She memorizes songs super fast. We really only listen to the radio in the car but that is all it takes. She LOVES Taylor Swift and Cowboy songs (Chris Ledoux). About once a week she has some ballet dance she has made up to show her dad. She is creative and smart.

She is so fun and we are so proud of who she is.
She is 5 and she is ready for Kindergarten.......except she failed her vision screening so next time you see her she may be wearing glasses.