Wednesday, December 29, 2010


Our best attempt at a Grandkid picture for my mom.
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Snow Day

This was right outside my front door.

Tuesday before Christmas we got a very big surprise. When Trent woke up at 5:00 he thought we had about 6 inches of snow. When I woke up at 7:00 Trent was still out pushing snow with the 4 wheeler. He came in shortly after we woke up and said he seriously underestimated how much snow we had, we had at least 14 inches with more coming down. He took the day off work to dig us and the neighbor out and I kicked the kids outside.
It was a good day for me. I had a very quiet house.
JayLee loved it as well....

Olin wasn't a big fan. He stood and watched JayLee and we tried to get him to jump in the snow but didn 't want to. I was inside and heard him screaming and walked out to see him kneeling in the snow. He fell down but didn't like it at all. However, when he gets mad at you (inside) He says "Ugh, I'm throwing snow at you!!" So watch out this 2 year old might get you.

Monday, December 20, 2010


On our way to Oklahoma!

Last June, my kids and I went to Oklahoma with my mom. We were going out to visit my Great Aunt Ruthie and her son Grant and my Great Uncle Glenn. We stopped on the way out of Moab to snap this picture. It was super windy so we didn't climb up there very far. The kids thought it was cool though.

A long time ago when we were on our way home from Oklahoma, we broke down in Amarillo, Texas and spent a couple of hours at the American Quarter Horse Association museum so when we went through this time we had to stop to show my kids all the fun things inside.
They loved the "quarter" horses. Grandma gave them some tokens to ride them. Later I had to explain to JayLee that she actually has 3 quarter horses at home in the pasture but they don't eat tokens.
This is at my Great Grandma's old house and my Aunt Ruthie lives there now. My Uncle Glenn is the one covered in Olin's favorite blanket. They had a blast playing with that.

Uncle Glenn would put he blanket over his head....
Olin would get JayLee's help and then pull it away and then they would do it again....

Then Olin would forgive him and give us a good smile for the camera.
When we were in Oklahoma, Olin found his love for Cameras. He saw Aunt Ruthie's flash go off when she was getting her camera set and he ran in and yelled "cheese" We got a really good laugh about it and he just loved the reaction he got.

Here is Olin, Jay and my Uncle Glen

JayLee, Aunt Ruthie, and Olin. They all had so much fun playing. I was worried my kids would be bored but they were always laughing and playing aroundwith something. But their favorite game was playing around in the walker. and this game went on for a long long time.

Saturday, December 18, 2010

They're back

On Tuesday night, Trent met his parents to pick up the kids. JayLee and Olin were so happy to meet their new little sister. They ran straight to her bed and had a little peek. She was asleep but we got her out of bed so they could hold her anyway.

No surprises, They LOVE her! Olin wants a picture with her every time he holds her and then he loses interest pretty fast. Jay on the other hand wants to hold her even if her arm starts hurting her.

Olin has a favorite blanket. It is the John Deere green one underneath Lottie in this picture. We teased him the whole time I was pregnant about giving the blanket to Lottie but he protested quite a bit. He would always bring out another blanket of his he would give to her. Well when he got home from Grandma's house on Tuesday he had his peek at her in the crib, pet her hair(yes
pet, he says "I HAVE to pet her") and then laid his blanket on the floor so Lottie could play with toys on it.

Monday, December 13, 2010

Lottie May Anderson

Our baby girl arrived on Saturday December 11.

My little sister Hannah had her baby earlier that day and apparently these cousins wanted to stay together because Trent and I ended up rushing to the hospital late on Saturday night. My contractions started at 6:30 PM but were very short and sporadic so I didn't think much of them until they jumped to 8 minutes apart at 8:30 and those didn't last long. They jumped to 4 minutes apart and then we knew we had to hurry. We got to the hospital a little after 10 (I was dilated to a 7.5) and had Lottie at 11:49. She weighed 6 lbs 14 oz. Smaller than any of my others (Thank you Lottie)

While I was in the hospital on Sunday Trent had the camera with him (or should I say JayLee wanted to check out her skills) and they got some nice pictures of our Christmas tree for you to see. It really is only half of our Christmas tree. "Half,?"you say. We cut a Really Really big tree this year. So we had to cut it in half to fit into our house. It was a really fun trip we went up with friends and our kids loved it but maybe more about that later. Here is some of JayLee's photography....

This is my favorite one. It is a good thing that Olin is a camera hound.

I got home from the hospital at about 1:00 today and since I know you all want to see more pictues of Lottie, here you go. She has quite a bit of light brown hair, which should be pretty fun to play with, hopefully we can keep it from falling out. Trent's Grandmas name is Lottie and I have always loved it. So ever since I found out I was pregnant I was hoping for a girl so I could name her Lottie and we've got her.

JayLee and Olin haven't seen Lottie yet. They have had some kind of flu bug since Friday. When Trent got home from the hospital on Sunday morning around 3:00 Michele was awake with Olin puking and then JayLee followed them. Lucky for us Trent's mom came out when I started having contractions. So she was nice enough to take the kids home with her for a couple of days. I'm hoping Trent can go get them tomorrow so they can see her.

Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Fun in the Jumpolene

This was at the first of the summer but thought I would post it anyway. I don't put the jumpolene up very often because it takes up the entire living room but when it goes up it is so much fun.

Olin, Dad, and Hazel

Here is Olin with just a couple of his favorite things....Dad, Hazel, and a cowboy hat. All that is missing is his dog.
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Monday, July 5, 2010

JayLee learns the barrels

It's no secret that JayLee loves horses. If she isn't on them outside she is on her stick horse inside. She loves watching barrel racers so this past week we've been teaching her the barrels.

And just to show Cash how much we love him....He gets plenty of carrots after working so hard.

Sunday, May 23, 2010

Busy, Busy!

I haven't blogged for a long time so instead of boring you with lots of stories you get captions with pictures.
Here is Jay in her Easter dress. My friend and I did the same pattern for our girls so they think it is pretty cool that they kind of match at church.
This is JayLee, Olin, and Bryar hanging out the morning Ava was blessed.

This is my sister's baby Ava. I really wanted to make a blessing dress so Ava turned into the project. Thank goodness Melissa trusted me becasue this turned out really pretty. The same weekend Ava was blessed a friend of ours got married in Logan so that was one long weekend for us.The next weekend Trent's sister Alese and her husband Ryan came out for a visit and we all got to ride quite a bit. JayLee of course LOVED this. She is 4 now and I have to say she loves riding horses more than anything else. If you ask her what she wants to do that is definitely the answer you are going to get.At the end of March cows started showing up. Trent could tell you how many we have but I stop counting at 300.Olin has turned into a man! If someone isn't on the computer he jumps right up there and If by some strange chance he is sitting in the recliner watching TV he has to hold the remote. He is talking sooooo much. His favorite phrase is definitely "No Way" Which gets lots of laughs wherever we go. and if you ask him if Rio is his mom's horse he says, "no mine." And thanks to my brother and his wife Tawny, we picked up another horse. His name is Cash and he is going to be really good for JayLee to learn on. He also came with a hot pink halter that JayLee is very pleased with.

Thursday, March 18, 2010

The new horse

Last weekend we went to Delle (past Grantsville) to get a new horse. Trent's friend had her and has been doing ranch work on her. She is 6 years old and pretty cute. Her registered name is Tiny Flash Hancock A.K.A.... we have no idea. They called her Hazel but that didn't really stick for us. JayLee named her Sally before we even got her but we don't think that is going to stick either. Here she is.

Trent wasn't very happy that I cut off his head in this one. He thought it was a pretty cool picture.

I took these a couple of nights ago. I was trying to get some cool pictures toward the sun but it didn't work like I pictured it. Enjoy anyway.

JayLee seriously LOVES horses!! She gets so excited and loves to ride.

Olin likes them OK but he would rather play with a ball.

You can tell Trent just got done riding. notice the pants tucked in the boots. He never starts that way ( I'd tease him) but by the end he gets so fed up with his pants riding up to his knees that he that he just tucks them in. hehe!

She seems to have a pretty good disposition. Overall a pretty good addition to the herd.