Thursday, February 3, 2011

Meeting Otto

Trent's sister Alese had her first baby last week so over the weekend we took a little road trip. They live a little over 3 hours away from us and it is on the way to Trent's parents house so we took the truck so we could get hay for our horses while we were going.

Olin got to ride in the backhoe with his Dad which definitely made his day. You can see his hand on some kind of lever and he didn't let go of it the whole time. He thought he was pretty cool.Once we got the hay loaded Trent had to restack the straw around the hay stack. Well considering Trent hasn't ran that backhoe for over 5 years it was al ittle slow going and we had a little blooper. He was pretty lucky the hay didn't come rolling back. Luckily he was watching close enough that he rolled the bucket back forward and the hay just got stopped right there.

I about had a heart attack. Then the front wheels kept coming off the ground and again, I about had a heart attack. I'm definitely the worst person to watch these situations. I could ride a roller coaster all day but to watch a wreck or a potential one makes me crazy.

Once we got the haystack put back together we stopped to see Nicole and Colby's new house they are building. It is going to be so pretty. When we finally arrived at Alese and Ryan's house to see Otto......

JayLee got to hold him first. And she doesn't take short turns holding babies. She takes her sweet time loving on them.Here is Lottie (7 weeks old), Me, Alese, and Otto (5days old). Alese and Ryan stole our next boy name, just in case anyone was wondering. Just kidding we almost named Olin, Otto. But we decided on Olin. Then when Alese and I found out we were expecting at about the same time, Ryan really wanted us to be having a girl so they could name theirs Otto.

And here they are together. It was a lot of fun to be together and to meet Otto. We even got to stop and see our friends Matt and Aimee on the way home. It was one loaded trip but we had a lot of fun.