Monday, August 31, 2009

A little update

It seems like when we get to a weekend it is time to pack everything up and go somewhere. That has sort of been the routine for the summer anyway. The last couple of weeks have been especially bad. My mom and I had a booth at the Helper Arts Festival and we were very prepared. Then, wouldn't you know it Hannah had her baby that weekend too. He was 5 weeks early but healthy. He weighed 5 lbs. 6 oz. and they named him Liam. Since he was early no one was prepared for him to come. It is Hannah's first and they had been waiting to buy things until they were in their house and until after her baby shower. My mom didn't have any baby quilts done because she had been too busy quilting for the Helper Arts Festival. Her car seat and stroller were ordered but wouldn't be here for a week. Since I had Olin a year before I just packed up a bunch of stuff and my kids and headed for Salt Lake (I only got lost a couple of times getting to the hospital) So that night I stayed at Trent's parents house in Benjamin left my kids there for Friday and Saturday (sold most of the aprons I brought) then Michele (one L = mother in-law) brought my kids to me in Helper on Saturday ( I have a GREAT mother in-law) so here is a picture of my mom (two Ls = mom) with baby Liam. He is seriously so tiny and so cute.
Here are my kids after the trip. JayLee was asleep when I got home so I just put her on the couch hoping the noise of me unpacking everything would wake her up ( she has to wake up on her own otherwise she is a BEAR) but Olin just took care of it for me. He is the biggest tease. He crawls over there and we were watching him so every once in a while he would look back at us and smile. So he stands up being kind of sly and slowly raises his hand but always turning to smile at us then he pulled her hair or rub her face. This age is really fun but they are into everything.

So Olin will be 1 next Monday, so I figured I better start letting him have the spoon (this is what I consider the most daring thing a mom can do, I hate giving them the spoon) So here is the result.
I had some friends come over and make some hair clips for our girls' hair. We thought it would be the perfect day. We would make hairclips and chat and our kids (six of them 2-age 3, 2-age 2, and 2-under age 1) would just play with toys and have a good day. Yeah, I know you are laughing because of course it didn't go like that. It was AWFUL! my house has never been that loud, any kid that could scream did scream or fight over a toy. We even moved outside because we thought they would all be happier out there (how do you fight over dirt right?) Wrong. I did capture one rare moment that these 3 decided to get along. This is JayLee, Aften, and Stayton. (Aften, the one in the red JayLee considers her boyfriend)

Jay starts preschool tomorrow. I'll post some pictures

Monday, August 17, 2009

My First Refinishing Project!!

These chairs were in my house when we moved in. I almost threw them out several times but I finally decided that I liked the chairs I just hated the color and the upholstery.

There were actually 3 chairs and I have only refinished 1 because they are a pain in the bum!! All that spinny (is that a word?) stuff up each side. I thought I had to strip the old stain off so I did and it took about 6 months for me to finish the one chair that I have done. (mostly because I lost all motivation to finish them a couple of times) Next time I'll just sand down the flat parts of the chair and rough up the "spinny parts", prime it and then paint it. The only reason I'll sand the flat parts is because I like to see the grain of the wood. Any way here is the one I have finished and I don't think it turned out too bad for my first ever project of this kind.

Just in case you were wondering (Melissa) I spray painted it almond and then antiqued it with dark walnut. (brushed stain on with a paint brush and wiped it off with a rag)