Monday, July 25, 2011


Swimming in Castle Dale is always so much fun. I love it when Bryar and JayLee get together because it is like they are long lost friends. They always play so well together and never want to leave. These girls went down every slide together. If JayLee got sprayed, Bryar wanted sprayed. We love the swimming pool in Castle Dale because it is pretty shallow and we can just let them run!
Here is Melissa and her little Ava. Ava just might be the only redhead my mom gets.
It took Olin a little while to figure out he could go on the slides himself. When he finally decided he could do it though watch out! He didn't wait for anybody to clear out at the bottom he just went!
Uncle Carl, Bryar, Olin, and JayLee. Carl is probably the only guy in our family that will pose for a picture. Uncle Carl taught Olin that they are buddies so whenever you ask Olin who his buddy is he says, "Uncle Carl."
(I still can't get blogger to turn my pictures, is anyone else having this problem?) Here is Lottie and Trent just waiting to leave. Lottie doesn't love swimming. Every time her toe hits the water she lets out a little moan but once she was all the way in she started to splash and play.

We were all in Emery County because my Uncle Jim and my cousin Dillon were getting baptized. We're so so happy for them and it was fun to get to share that experience with them.

Sunday, July 24, 2011

July 4 - Stillwater

On July 4th Uncle Colby and Aunt Nicole came out to visit. We drove to up Stillwater to see the water spilling over the dam. This year there is a lot of water out here. There has been a lot of flooding and sand bagging because of it.

It started raining right when we got up there. Of course we didn't bring jackets so we weren't there for long.
It is really pretty up there. Before we headed up to Stillwater we had lunch with Nicole and Colby. We played the wii for a while and of course did some roping. Nicole brought soda pop and of course Olin was on her like a hound dog. Before they left I told them to take some food and Olin knowing how this goes calls out "Leave me some pop!" Thanks for coming out to visit. It was lots of fun and thanks for the pop.

Sunday, July 3, 2011

SLC Trip - - Temple Square

We got to the hotel room on Sunday night too late to do anything. We just checked the swimming pool out and then went to sleep for the night. However, you all know how "fun" it is to sleep with kids in a hotel room. We ended up making a line of pillows between Olin and JayLee because they were on each other's side. Or someone was talking to someone. Or someone got pinched. You all know the drill. And as you can imagine Lottie wasn't cool with brother and sister not settling down so she didn't want to either. I finally got them to go to sleep by telling them that our friends down the hall had 5 kids in 1 hotel room with them and we would give their beds away if they didn't go to sleep. It worked.
Trent was in meetings all day up there so the kids and I, with a friend and her said 5 kids went to Temple Square on Monday. It was so much fun and you can bet the kids played in every water feature/fountain on the walk from out hotel room to Temple Square. We went to children's museum which was lots of fun. I almost didn't get Olin off the little truck inside there and I had to beg JayLee to take the costume off and stop dancing. We toured around temple square, played in some water at the Joseph Smith Memorial building, (yep the kids played in the fountain on the top floor), then we headed back to the hotel.
But on our way back they played in this fountain, can't remember where it was though...somewhere downtown in between temple square and the Sheridan. It was kind of funny, there was a security guard that stood and watched us the whole time. He never said anything to us so I figure it was OK that they were playing in the water.
When we got back to the hotel room we went swimming and you can bet after that long day we didn't have to fight them to go to sleep.
On Tuesday we took it easy. It was pretty interesting having Olin in a hotel room. I thought it was going to be rough because he would be bored and he doesn't really like to watch TV. He definitely surprised me though. there was an overstuffed chair with a foot rest in our room that quickly turned into his skidster. No one was allowed to sit on it because "It is my skidster" the foot rest was the forks and I had a full bag of diapers that quickly became his bale of hay that fed a lot of cows. Lottie even had to fight for her binkie because "That is the key mom" I think he is way more inventive than Jay is.
We went swimming a couple of times and then when Trent was finished with his meetings we headed to the Gateway and then rode Trax back to our hotel. Then you guessed it went swimming. That was definitely the highlight of the hotel for sure. The pool was outside so it was freezing cold but the kids would run back and forth from the hot tub to the pool.
On Wednesday Michele and Alese came up with Otto and we all went to the Living Planet Aquarium. After that Michele took JayLee and Olin with her back to Spanish Fork and was going to take them to St. George with her on Thursday night and then we were meeting them down there Friday morning. St. George was hot. 105 degrees pretty much the whole weekend but we stayed in the pool a lot. I didn't get any pictures of St. George but I'll see if I can round up some pictures from Alese.