Monday, July 25, 2011


Swimming in Castle Dale is always so much fun. I love it when Bryar and JayLee get together because it is like they are long lost friends. They always play so well together and never want to leave. These girls went down every slide together. If JayLee got sprayed, Bryar wanted sprayed. We love the swimming pool in Castle Dale because it is pretty shallow and we can just let them run!
Here is Melissa and her little Ava. Ava just might be the only redhead my mom gets.
It took Olin a little while to figure out he could go on the slides himself. When he finally decided he could do it though watch out! He didn't wait for anybody to clear out at the bottom he just went!
Uncle Carl, Bryar, Olin, and JayLee. Carl is probably the only guy in our family that will pose for a picture. Uncle Carl taught Olin that they are buddies so whenever you ask Olin who his buddy is he says, "Uncle Carl."
(I still can't get blogger to turn my pictures, is anyone else having this problem?) Here is Lottie and Trent just waiting to leave. Lottie doesn't love swimming. Every time her toe hits the water she lets out a little moan but once she was all the way in she started to splash and play.

We were all in Emery County because my Uncle Jim and my cousin Dillon were getting baptized. We're so so happy for them and it was fun to get to share that experience with them.

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The Stewarts said...

I didn't even known you could turn pictures on blogger. I just usually turn them on my computer first in like a preview view of the photo and then it loads them that way.