Sunday, July 24, 2011

July 4 - Stillwater

On July 4th Uncle Colby and Aunt Nicole came out to visit. We drove to up Stillwater to see the water spilling over the dam. This year there is a lot of water out here. There has been a lot of flooding and sand bagging because of it.

It started raining right when we got up there. Of course we didn't bring jackets so we weren't there for long.
It is really pretty up there. Before we headed up to Stillwater we had lunch with Nicole and Colby. We played the wii for a while and of course did some roping. Nicole brought soda pop and of course Olin was on her like a hound dog. Before they left I told them to take some food and Olin knowing how this goes calls out "Leave me some pop!" Thanks for coming out to visit. It was lots of fun and thanks for the pop.

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The Stewarts said...

OH my gosh!! Jaylee is getting so grown up! What happened to the little girl?