Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Halloween Program at Jay's preschool

Hi it has been a while but it isn't my fault. Trent made me go camping last week in Colorado! I know you are thinking it is too cold and I don't even like camping but it was OK I survived it. It did snow about 6 inches but we were in the camp trailer for most of the time. Anyway I'll post pictures of it later I just wanted to tell everyone about Jay's preschool program.

I didn't even know they were having one until I dropped her off and her teacher said to come back early for it. They sang 3 or 4 songs and it was really cute. but you know the obnoxious know every program has them. they are the ones that won't stand where they are supposed to and they are louder than the rest. Then in the middle of the song her little brother starts laughing at her and then JayLee (you know the obnoxious kid in the program) says
"ha ha Olin thinks were funny! He is laughing at us." but she covered up well when the rest of the kids started singing she just jumped right back in.

Here are some pictures. I do have pictures of Olin in his Halloween costume... Well Jen has them by the time Halloween rolled around in Colorado (yes we went trick or treating camper door to camper door) my camera was dead. So as soon as I get them I will show you one cute cowboy. For now you get (as JayLee calls it) The Stature of Liberty!

Jay's teacher Mrs. Jessica

Jay's class (this is when she makes her move. that cute little girl's wings hit her so she decides to stand in front of her)

She had fun and she loves going to preschool.