Sunday, May 23, 2010

Busy, Busy!

I haven't blogged for a long time so instead of boring you with lots of stories you get captions with pictures.
Here is Jay in her Easter dress. My friend and I did the same pattern for our girls so they think it is pretty cool that they kind of match at church.
This is JayLee, Olin, and Bryar hanging out the morning Ava was blessed.

This is my sister's baby Ava. I really wanted to make a blessing dress so Ava turned into the project. Thank goodness Melissa trusted me becasue this turned out really pretty. The same weekend Ava was blessed a friend of ours got married in Logan so that was one long weekend for us.The next weekend Trent's sister Alese and her husband Ryan came out for a visit and we all got to ride quite a bit. JayLee of course LOVED this. She is 4 now and I have to say she loves riding horses more than anything else. If you ask her what she wants to do that is definitely the answer you are going to get.At the end of March cows started showing up. Trent could tell you how many we have but I stop counting at 300.Olin has turned into a man! If someone isn't on the computer he jumps right up there and If by some strange chance he is sitting in the recliner watching TV he has to hold the remote. He is talking sooooo much. His favorite phrase is definitely "No Way" Which gets lots of laughs wherever we go. and if you ask him if Rio is his mom's horse he says, "no mine." And thanks to my brother and his wife Tawny, we picked up another horse. His name is Cash and he is going to be really good for JayLee to learn on. He also came with a hot pink halter that JayLee is very pleased with.