Tuesday, March 31, 2009

New Addition

Meet Zak or as JayLee likes to call him Koocho! I was at my mom's house with JayLee and Olin when Trent got the dog so as you can imagine JayLee really wanted to go home to see HER new dog. I asked her what she wanted to name him and she came up with KooCho. We have been getting cows for about the last week. We are up to 195 so every day when Trent gets home from work it is a mad dash to get them fed and then dinner for us. Then hopefully no one has to go anywhere after that because it is bed time for JayLee.

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

He Slept Through the Night!!!

I'm so excited! Olin is 6 months old and has never slept through the night until last night of course. It is like breathing a sigh of relief. Two nights ago I was seriously up every hour. But he finally did it. It is really unbelievable and when I woke up I went to make sure he was still breathing. You know that feeling you get when your baby has been sleeping too long and you go in and wait for them to move or breathe or something. JayLee had been sleeping through the night long before she was 6 months. So this was a long time coming! thank you Olin!

Well I took him to the Dr. yesterday for his 6 month well check and here are his stats
Weight: 14LB 15 1/2 oz. Length: 25 1/4 in Head Circ: 44 1/2 cm

I got JayLee's 6 month stats out to compare and she was a little bigger than he was but hopefully he will catch up. Here is a random picture of JayLee when she was six months old she was already sitting up. I think they look a lot a like. What do you think?

PS I had to pick a picture where JayLee didn't look so girly and so you get Halloween

Wednesday, March 4, 2009


Check out this video of Olin. He is moving all over the place! JayLee never did the army crawl thing so I think it is pretty cool. However now we really have to watch what is on the ground for Olin to eat.

Yesterday was so fun. It got so warm and so we went outside to play. Finally! We took a little walk and then we played on the swing. Everyone that has been here knows that it is hanging by a fraying rope on a dead tree, Safety Second Right?? JayLee had a really good time and Olin slept in the stroller.

I've made four of these bags now and I LOVE them. They are so big so they make great diaper bags or bags that fit everything in. So I'm trying to talk my mom into doing a class to make them at her shop. It will probably be a Friday night class and we'll sew until they are finished. They are great for beginning sewers! So anyone who wants one of these great bags let me know so we can work out the details.