Tuesday, March 10, 2009

He Slept Through the Night!!!

I'm so excited! Olin is 6 months old and has never slept through the night until last night of course. It is like breathing a sigh of relief. Two nights ago I was seriously up every hour. But he finally did it. It is really unbelievable and when I woke up I went to make sure he was still breathing. You know that feeling you get when your baby has been sleeping too long and you go in and wait for them to move or breathe or something. JayLee had been sleeping through the night long before she was 6 months. So this was a long time coming! thank you Olin!

Well I took him to the Dr. yesterday for his 6 month well check and here are his stats
Weight: 14LB 15 1/2 oz. Length: 25 1/4 in Head Circ: 44 1/2 cm

I got JayLee's 6 month stats out to compare and she was a little bigger than he was but hopefully he will catch up. Here is a random picture of JayLee when she was six months old she was already sitting up. I think they look a lot a like. What do you think?

PS I had to pick a picture where JayLee didn't look so girly and so you get Halloween


Monsen3 said...

So how do you get your kids to sleep through the night that early? Laynee didn't sleep through the night until she was a year old. I weaned her at 11 months hoping that would do the trick. But no luck. She still gets up once in a while in the night and I get up with her. You have to tell your secret.

Kortnie said...

I wish I had a secret. we kicked JayLee in to the crib when she was two weeks old and that kind of helped but she drank formula most of the time and they stay fuller with formula (at least I've been told) and I don't think this thing with Olin will last but I'm praying it will.

farnsworthfamily said...

my older to girls slep through the night at a month old but im paying for it now with Jazlyn she still is yet to sleep through the night and i have begun to think she never will. it is kicking my butt, but somehow i keep on going. your family is so precious.

Jess and Jenn said...

KORT!! It's been way too long since I have seen you! Your kids are so dang cute! It's sooo nice when they can sleep through the night:)keep in touch! Also, I went private so email me at jennsitterud@hotmail.com so I can invite you!

Anonymous said...

HEY how are you?? Are you still living in the basin?? Your kids are so cute!! And getting way big!!

Anonymous said...

Ya they had so much fun up there lol it was way cool to go up there for it they have Indian Relay races which are really fun to watch. But anywho are you still running barrels?? You should call or text me sometime my number is 435-724-8437 we should have lunch sometime! Our club is starting next monday the 6th, it would be awsome if you came!