Wednesday, March 4, 2009


Check out this video of Olin. He is moving all over the place! JayLee never did the army crawl thing so I think it is pretty cool. However now we really have to watch what is on the ground for Olin to eat.

Yesterday was so fun. It got so warm and so we went outside to play. Finally! We took a little walk and then we played on the swing. Everyone that has been here knows that it is hanging by a fraying rope on a dead tree, Safety Second Right?? JayLee had a really good time and Olin slept in the stroller.

I've made four of these bags now and I LOVE them. They are so big so they make great diaper bags or bags that fit everything in. So I'm trying to talk my mom into doing a class to make them at her shop. It will probably be a Friday night class and we'll sew until they are finished. They are great for beginning sewers! So anyone who wants one of these great bags let me know so we can work out the details.


Monsen3 said...

Laynee army crawled until she was 10 months and then decided to really crawl. I love the video. I love the bags too. My sister in law and I talked to your mom at the Christmas Fair about taking a sewing class. I can sew kindof but we both would love to make a bag or two and an apron of two also. If you decide to do it let me know. My # is 435-381-5484 home or 435-749-9083 cell.

Trista said...

Hey how are you. I have not seen you forever but I came across your blog and had to tell you I think y our kids are so adorable.. So are those bag I love them!!

mshaw said...

I love the fabric of your bag! I still like mine better though! That little Olin so such a sweetie I just want to squeeze him!

Trista Rich said...

so when I saw MOVING!!! under your name on my blog, I though, Oh good Kortnie has finally come to her senses and is going to join Pennie and I by moving to Bryce Canyon...You broke my heart...But Olin is quite cute to, so he made up for my false excitement. Love you...It's so nice to get outside finally, I completely agree;)