Sunday, February 22, 2009

Just Catching up!

This is a picture of Olin last week when he was healthy. All this week he has had an ear infection, goopy eyes and a cold. We stayed home all week and now all there is left is a cold. Thank heavens.

It did make for some funny JayLee stories though. After about the fifth time Olin would wake up in twenty minutes I would give up and go sleep with him on the couch. So about 7:00 o'clock Thursday morning I heard JayLee rattling on and on about how she was talking to her daddy and her daddy was on the phone. Since Trent usually calls me every morning I thought, oh no, I didn't hear it ring and was wondering how long she had been talking to him so I had her bring my cell phone over. When I looked at the screen to make sure it was Trent and not the last person I called on the phone. (she is really good and pressing send twice to call people back) It was on of Trent's roommates from college. I was so embaressed. But luckily Brok had been up doing homework and he thought it was kind of funny.

JayLee also said "It is important that I ride my Star (which is her horse) everday. And it is important that I chase cows everyday" Where did she come from?

JayLee usually goes with Trent to feed and water the horses and sometimes he lets her sit on his lap so she thinks she is driving. But lately they have been in a hurry so he tells her that. Well one time this week JayLee asked if she could drive and Trent told her no, but Jaylee said "Dad were not in a hurry today." Sometime her memory kills me.

Ok this is the last JayLee story but sometimes she convinces me that I have a teenager and not a two year old. She went with Trent to do Scouting for food last Saturday and when they met up with the rest of the boys at the church, Trent got out of the car and left JayLee in while he talked to some of the other leaders but JayLee wanted to get out. Well Trent was telling me when they got home that they left Jay in the car and JayLee popped in saying "Yeah he left me in the car, it was so embarrassing" Does anyone else have a two almost three year old teenager?


Monsen3 said...

Laynee has been sick since Thursday but with the flu. I have been cleaning up throw up all weekend. I am jealous, I would have dealt with the ear infection any day.

Jeannie said...

hey i didnt know that you had a blog or a nother baby! I am glad we can keep in touch!