Friday, January 30, 2009

Retro Aprons

I have seen these really cute aprons around lately and thought I could make them but never really tried. Well this summer my mom was going to do a booth at the County fair for her quilting and I decided to do some aprons to see how it would go. I want a new saddle and thought that with the extra money I wouldn't feel guilty about buying it. I sold most of the aprons that I took to the fair and people kept asking for them at my mom's quilt shop so I kept making them and Hannah started helping me. We have done a couple of other fairs and we have an etsy shop now. We started it mostly for my mom's stuff but it has turned out to be mostly aprons.

Check out our etsy shop my mom's website is there you can see a lot more of what we have done. Here are some pictures of some of my aprons

If you like these go to our websites and look at everything else we have done.

I found this cute retro cowgirl fabric and was really excited because I wanted to make a church bag out of it so I ordered it online. When it got here I decided the cowgirls weren't wearing enough clothes to take to Primary with me but I made the bag anyway and Melissa is going to give it to her sister in-law. Here is a picture of the bag, church approved or not?

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