Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Cute Cowgirl

JayLee is in love with her stick horse. We may as well throw all the other toys in this house out because she is constantly riding that thing and most of the time its name is Palomino. Well I finally got the camera out to take a video of Jay and Palomino so here you have it (sorry I have no idea how to rotate that video)

Since I can't leave Olin out I am posting a really cute picture of him. He is starting to sit up a little bit (as long as he is propped up). So I can actually get pictures of him smiling and thought I would share. He is such a drooler

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Trista Rich said...

Thats the little cowgirl that I miss so dear...She looks so cute, and quite full of energy. Does she like to help out her mom, or give her brother horse rides??? Cute picture and video!