Saturday, December 18, 2010

They're back

On Tuesday night, Trent met his parents to pick up the kids. JayLee and Olin were so happy to meet their new little sister. They ran straight to her bed and had a little peek. She was asleep but we got her out of bed so they could hold her anyway.

No surprises, They LOVE her! Olin wants a picture with her every time he holds her and then he loses interest pretty fast. Jay on the other hand wants to hold her even if her arm starts hurting her.

Olin has a favorite blanket. It is the John Deere green one underneath Lottie in this picture. We teased him the whole time I was pregnant about giving the blanket to Lottie but he protested quite a bit. He would always bring out another blanket of his he would give to her. Well when he got home from Grandma's house on Tuesday he had his peek at her in the crib, pet her hair(yes
pet, he says "I HAVE to pet her") and then laid his blanket on the floor so Lottie could play with toys on it.


The Stewarts said...

that's cute that Olin shared the "holy" blanket. And gees it has only been a few weeks since I have seen Jaylee, but she looks so much more grown up in those pictures! Crazy! And we are so glad you are back in blog updating mode! Looking forward to meeting little Lottie someday when we can make it out there again!

Kortnie said...

HA! We'll see how long this blog updating mode lasts....but I will try. I forget that there are people that actually read it. JayLee and Olin both seem a lot bigger with Lottie around so it isn't just you. Hope to see you guys soon!

Shari and Trent said...

Cograts on the baby! I had no idea you were pregnant!