Monday, December 20, 2010


On our way to Oklahoma!

Last June, my kids and I went to Oklahoma with my mom. We were going out to visit my Great Aunt Ruthie and her son Grant and my Great Uncle Glenn. We stopped on the way out of Moab to snap this picture. It was super windy so we didn't climb up there very far. The kids thought it was cool though.

A long time ago when we were on our way home from Oklahoma, we broke down in Amarillo, Texas and spent a couple of hours at the American Quarter Horse Association museum so when we went through this time we had to stop to show my kids all the fun things inside.
They loved the "quarter" horses. Grandma gave them some tokens to ride them. Later I had to explain to JayLee that she actually has 3 quarter horses at home in the pasture but they don't eat tokens.
This is at my Great Grandma's old house and my Aunt Ruthie lives there now. My Uncle Glenn is the one covered in Olin's favorite blanket. They had a blast playing with that.

Uncle Glenn would put he blanket over his head....
Olin would get JayLee's help and then pull it away and then they would do it again....

Then Olin would forgive him and give us a good smile for the camera.
When we were in Oklahoma, Olin found his love for Cameras. He saw Aunt Ruthie's flash go off when she was getting her camera set and he ran in and yelled "cheese" We got a really good laugh about it and he just loved the reaction he got.

Here is Olin, Jay and my Uncle Glen

JayLee, Aunt Ruthie, and Olin. They all had so much fun playing. I was worried my kids would be bored but they were always laughing and playing aroundwith something. But their favorite game was playing around in the walker. and this game went on for a long long time.

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