Monday, December 13, 2010

Lottie May Anderson

Our baby girl arrived on Saturday December 11.

My little sister Hannah had her baby earlier that day and apparently these cousins wanted to stay together because Trent and I ended up rushing to the hospital late on Saturday night. My contractions started at 6:30 PM but were very short and sporadic so I didn't think much of them until they jumped to 8 minutes apart at 8:30 and those didn't last long. They jumped to 4 minutes apart and then we knew we had to hurry. We got to the hospital a little after 10 (I was dilated to a 7.5) and had Lottie at 11:49. She weighed 6 lbs 14 oz. Smaller than any of my others (Thank you Lottie)

While I was in the hospital on Sunday Trent had the camera with him (or should I say JayLee wanted to check out her skills) and they got some nice pictures of our Christmas tree for you to see. It really is only half of our Christmas tree. "Half,?"you say. We cut a Really Really big tree this year. So we had to cut it in half to fit into our house. It was a really fun trip we went up with friends and our kids loved it but maybe more about that later. Here is some of JayLee's photography....

This is my favorite one. It is a good thing that Olin is a camera hound.

I got home from the hospital at about 1:00 today and since I know you all want to see more pictues of Lottie, here you go. She has quite a bit of light brown hair, which should be pretty fun to play with, hopefully we can keep it from falling out. Trent's Grandmas name is Lottie and I have always loved it. So ever since I found out I was pregnant I was hoping for a girl so I could name her Lottie and we've got her.

JayLee and Olin haven't seen Lottie yet. They have had some kind of flu bug since Friday. When Trent got home from the hospital on Sunday morning around 3:00 Michele was awake with Olin puking and then JayLee followed them. Lucky for us Trent's mom came out when I started having contractions. So she was nice enough to take the kids home with her for a couple of days. I'm hoping Trent can go get them tomorrow so they can see her.


Mrs. Walker said...

She's beautiful Kort. Congrats. You are a fantastic mom, and have a beautiful family!

Peter and Audra said...

Congrats!! I had no idea that you were even expecting. I am so Happy for you.

The Selin Family said...

Well kort, being that we are so good at communicating.... She is adorable and I love her. i love her cute little name. I saw Melissa and she told me you were expecting! I will be calling you! Hope everything is good! She is beautiful!