Thursday, March 18, 2010

The new horse

Last weekend we went to Delle (past Grantsville) to get a new horse. Trent's friend had her and has been doing ranch work on her. She is 6 years old and pretty cute. Her registered name is Tiny Flash Hancock A.K.A.... we have no idea. They called her Hazel but that didn't really stick for us. JayLee named her Sally before we even got her but we don't think that is going to stick either. Here she is.

Trent wasn't very happy that I cut off his head in this one. He thought it was a pretty cool picture.

I took these a couple of nights ago. I was trying to get some cool pictures toward the sun but it didn't work like I pictured it. Enjoy anyway.

JayLee seriously LOVES horses!! She gets so excited and loves to ride.

Olin likes them OK but he would rather play with a ball.

You can tell Trent just got done riding. notice the pants tucked in the boots. He never starts that way ( I'd tease him) but by the end he gets so fed up with his pants riding up to his knees that he that he just tucks them in. hehe!

She seems to have a pretty good disposition. Overall a pretty good addition to the herd.

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Anonymous said...

Nice horse!! Do you still have First Star Quest? If so please let me know. I need to get a DNA kit on her to get Foxy registered. If I can't get her registered I will have to find her a new home. Please get back to me