Tuesday, March 9, 2010


This post is all about Olin. He is 18 months old now and it just hit me how crazy that is. I really can't believe that he is a little boy now and not a baby.

We went in for his well check today and he weighs: 21 pounds and he is 30.5 inches tall.

Here are some fun facts about Olin...

He thinks riding horses is pretty cool. Even though he calls them "cows". He rides stick horses with JayLee now and really anything else that resembles a saddle. i.e. the arm of a couch, a stool, pillows, and mom and dad. (PS check out my new saddle!!) ok not all about Olin

He is goofy. The class Clown really. He loves to make people laugh. He loves to smile. He thinks when you say, "ow" it is funny. It is when he does these things we call him Grandpa Wayne.

He will build with JayLee but prefers to knock things down. Especially if it will make JayLee scream. Most of the time he does what JayLee is doing but when he comes up with something fun to do and JayLee follows he says, "Get."

He can say "ball" He likes to play with balls and gets really excited about them.
He can say "hand" and likes to take you on walks. If he wants to go somewhere he'll pull you up and show you where he wants to go. He also says "Help Me" The closer you get to what he wants"
He is a good helper. He LOVES to help pack wood in the house and gets really upset when you don't let him help.

He likes things that are his size. Grandma's little rocking chair is one of his favorites.

He likes snack foods. (it is jerky in his mouth not a cigar like it may appear) He will eat most breakfast foods. He doesn't like noodles or rice or potatoes and plenty of other things!

He loves to be outside. He likes Zak until he starts to lick him. If you let Olin go where he wants to go outside he will take you to the four-wheeler or the sled. JayLee would take you to the horses no questions asked. As soon as he can get the door open, I'm in trouble!! It's a good thing he is short.

He loves to Drive. If you put him in a car cart at the store, he'll be all smiles until it is time to get him out. That is when you have to peel his fingers off the steering wheel and try not to laugh at all the emlpoyees gathering around to watch.

That is Olin in a nutshell. We love him!! I hope you enjoyed it.


The Stewarts said...

Loved it!!! Such a darling kid!!! He has the cutest smile and he is always smiling. Love the picture of him on your saddle, and btw SWEET saddle! Can't wait to see you guys this weekend!!!

Trista Rich said...

You ahve been so blessed with such cute and fun babies...I feel like I know Olin just a little bit more, which is great since I have only seen him once. Well Love ya Chick, and hope that all is well... I guess it's time for another baby, since Olin is now a little Boy! Tee Hee ;)