Sunday, March 13, 2011

Lottie's blessing

On February 13 we blessed Lottie. We blessd her in Benjamin at Trent's parents house. Thanks Michele for letting us crowd your house for a couple of hours. It was a little crowded with all our family there, but a lot of fun.

For those of you who don't know, we named Lottie after Trent's Grandma. It is fun having them together but nobody tell Grandma that we took her picture.

Before church we got some family pictures. Thanks Michele, for thinking about it. I always have good intentions of taking pictures of the kids before church when they are all dressed up but we rarely get it done.

Notice how Jessie ,Woody and Bullseye HAD to be in the pictures. I guess it is kind of fitting because Grandma has those toys at her house and they are the favorites.

It was a really fun weekend. I love it when we can get the whole family together. It doesn't happen very often with us living so far away but maybe one day that will change.

And since we can't have Lottie and Kahlen together without taking a picture of them, here they are. They were born on the same day and are too too cute


Cole and Heather Sorenson said...

Hey there! You have a really cute family. It looks like its growing fast. We hope that everything is going good for you guys. Congrats on the blessing, she is a cute one.

Kortnie said...

Hey guys, thanks so much. You guys are growing fast too. Your Girls are so cute!! You went private on your blog before I sent you an e-mail. trentandkortnie(at)msn(dot)com