Monday, December 7, 2009

Las Vegas

We may have just had the longest weekend of our lives. We left home at 5:00 a.m. on Thursday and headed for Vegas. My mom bought us tickets for the NFR and my brother was getting married. Here are the kids in the car. They really did pretty good considering we were in the car for so long
We got to Vegas at 2:00 and they were SO HAPPY to be out of the car.

Then we took the kids to M&M World and to the MGM Grand where they have the lions. It was really cool. They have a glass window that you walk under and there was a lion asleep. A little while longer he woke up and was licking the glass. I didn't think Olin would care too much about it but he was so excited and kept shouting, "Cow, Cow, Cow"
We wanted to take them to more places but ran out of time. There was some Nascar thing on the strip so it took us forever to get around. This was my first trip to Vegas so I found it kind of amazing that all the hotels have all these things to draw people in. Since we had our kids with us it was nice.
On Friday we went to Cowboy Christmas. We walked and walked and walked but we got to meet Charmayne James and Billy Etbauer and some other rodeo people that I kind of recognized but didn't really know. Trent and I went to the rodeo on Friday but Trent's sister Alese and her husband Ryan came down this weekend too so they watched our kids while we went to the Rodeo. Thanks guys. I can't imagine taking them there. This was our ride to the rodeo, Pretty Sweet huh?? There is Bro and Tawny and my mom. Hannah, Cody, Kaitlin, Melissa, Carl, Me, and Trent all went Friday night. Then most of them went Saturday night too. Saturday was Bro and Tawny's wedding (my camera was dead by then) Of course I don't have pictures of the important things right?? Then we headed to Tropic to see Slate and Pennie. That was a 4 hour drive and then we spent Sunday there and headed for home at 5:00 but hit a little bit of the snow storm so we didn't make it home until 10:00. We had a lot of fun but we are really glad it is over with. I have tons of blogging to catch up on maybe it will happen one day.

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