Saturday, May 23, 2009

Olin the Climber

Olin has been pulling up to and climbing over things for some time now. He gets around really well, he is still just army crawling so he isn't super fast, luckily. Today he pulled himself up to the fireplace. He has been doing this for a couple of weeks and since we haven't been burning anything I just let him think he is super cool. He just stands there and reads the Ensign. Well today he climbed on top of the fireplace. So in the picture you can't see it but there is a mouse trap behind the bucket (Yeah, I know gross but we live in an old farm house so what do you do?) So I wasn't looking but I did hear him cry and yes he did find the mouse trap. It didn't snap his fingers, but he was sure scared.

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Bethany Gilson said...

oh poor little fella! Kort, your kids are so cute. I also love your beautiful aprons. Someday when I make actual meals I will buy one!