Monday, May 11, 2009

Home Machine Quilt Show and Mothers Day

On Thursday Melissa finally talked me in to going to the Home Macine Quilt Show. It wasn't that I didn't want to go but I just hate the drive. I drove to Benjamin and dropped JayLee of at Grandma Milk Cow's house and then Melissa drove there and picked me up. It was definitely worth the drive. We had so much fun. There were so many quilts we didn't get through them all and TONS of vendors. It almost makes me want to make a quilt, almost. They have the cutest things in every little store, it really gets your creative juices flowing. Anyway, I spent a lot of money. I called Trent after I'd been there for 20 minutes and told him not to get me anything for Mothers Day, "I had it under control!" Well it turns out I was out of control and I didn't get back to the Basin until after 10:00 on Friday night. Next year we are going to make it a girls weekend with no kids.

Saturday was filled with work. We moved some topsoil into the yard so we can plant grass and Jay and Trent got to ride horses (my horse was gushing blood when I got to him, he knows when it's time to go to work) We got some more cows and bulls. I think we are over 220 now but I lost count. However with Saturday being filled with work I still got time to use the new book I bought at the Quilt Show. The book is Seams To Me by Anna Maria Horner. There is a really cute skirt in the book called the Bo Peep skirt and I bought fabric at the show to make it for JayLee. By the way I have found a new fabric love and that is Art Gallery Fabrics. So I put it together Saturday night so JayLee could wear it to church on Sunday (I had to hem it and put the elastic in it on Sunday morning and yes Trent told me I was a sinner or something like that) So here is a picture of me and JayLee and Olin on Mother's Day. And some close-ups of the Bo Peep skirt. It was a good day. I didn't cook or clean a thing. Actually I didn't even do dishes on Saturday, Trent did. I love him!

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mshaw said...

Oh my Heck!! I love that skirt!! You HAVE to make Bryar one!! They are to die for! It was soooo much fun Friday! We have to go again! I'm so glad that you came with me!