Thursday, May 21, 2009

I asked for your maiden name....

Ok so when I got married I sort of knew this would happen plenty of times. But it hasn't happened in a while so I thought I would share a story.

I called the bank in Huntington because when I got married and moved away I never closed the account. My mom said it would be easy for her to put late wedding gifts into that account and then I forgot all about it. Now that I am selling aprons in the shop though, she has been putting money in there. The only problem is my debit card expired in 2007 so I can't spend the money. Big problem, right!! So I called the bank to get a new debit card and this is how the conversation goes.

Me: "Hi, this is Kortnie Anderson and I was just wondering if I could get a new debit card for my account. I haven't used the account for a really long time so I'm sure you just don't send them when the account has $3.00 in it "

Teller: "Do you have your account number?"

Me: "Ugh, I think, let me find my statement......"

Teller: "Is this Michelle's daughter?"

Me: "Yeah"

Teller: "And it is still under......................Anderson"

Me: " Oh.....Yeah, I married an Anderson.

Teller: "Oh. Huh."

This was only a minor occurrance and she laughed. However, I really want to know what people are thinking when I tell them I am an Anderson, who married and Anderson. Hence, the Anderson squared blogspot. It does get more confusing when I tell them my mother in-law and my mother are both Michelle Anderson. Someone did send a card to Trent asking if he was marrying his sister. And just in case anyone has questioned why JayLee has a Grandma Milk Cow that is why. She can't say Grandma Michele or Grandma Anderson without someone annoyingly saying "which one...hahaha"

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