Tuesday, May 12, 2009

JayLee's Adventure!!!

Here is the background info to this story. Trent and I feed the cows in the morning now. We used to do it after he got home from work but now there isn't enough time. We leave the house a little after 6 and the kids don't usually wake up until a little after 7, which gives us plenty of time to feed without the kids. As you can guess JayLee isn't very fond of this new feeding schedule and she tells me every day "Ughh, you fed without me again."

So, Monday we left the house later than usual and we had a cow on the road and had to catch a calf and treat her so it took us longer than usual to feed. Well after we feed we always drive along the cows to make sure there are no sick calves. So I was driving back toward the house along the cows and happen to look to the middle of the field. And what did I see but a cute little blond girl running through the field. So I said "Oh S*** !" Jumped out of the truck and ran to her. Yes, JayLee woke up, went to the bathroom, got dressed, got her shoes on, came outside saw the truck in the field and ran to us. Was she scared? No, not at all she was so pleased with herself. and I didn't have my camera but I recreated the picture in the yard so you can see what she looked like at 6:45 in the morning. These are the exact clothes she dressed herself in for her adventure.

I don't even want to imagine all the things that could have happened that morning. I'm just glad she is safe and now she says next time she will stay by the fence. Lets hope she remembers!!!

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