Sunday, January 16, 2011

Just like my Dad

One of the best things about having a boy is they want to be just like their Dad. When I put Olin down for his nap every day he says, "and when I wake up, I go outside with my Dad..."

I can't wait until it warms up out here so that he can go out with him more. Olin isn't a fan of the cold. Then the snow came and he really doesn't care for it, so his time outside is usually pretty limited.

Here is a picture of Trent and Olin putting the kids' new beds together. Trent sanded everything outside and then brought them inside to put them together.

For Christmas Trent's Mom sent Trent a bunch of his old hats (thanks Michele). When Trent saw this yellow hat ( I think it was his Dad's hat), he remembered his Mom had a picture of him wearing it with his Dad's gloves on. Olin loves to have a hat on. He always says to me, "Mom, I need my cowboy hat on like my daddy" or "I need a hat on cause it's cold"

Olin usually has one of our old cell phones in his pant's pocket and when his Dad gets a call he gets one too. Trent always answers it in the other room and this time Olin followed him. Trent started hollering at me to come and see what Olin was doing. I shouldn't have been surprised that he was doing exactly what his Dad was doing.

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