Sunday, January 2, 2011


Christmas Eve
If you were my neighbor.......
I would have brought you a plate of goodies.
Then the kids got to open their Christmas pajamas. Olin got Toy Story PJs and of course he had to open them with his glasses on. And knowing Olin there is probably a cell phone, some chapstick, and a set of keys in his pants pocket. "Because, I have to" is what he says. Here is Jay opening her PJs. She got cute Christmas trees on her PJs and slippers. She is the only one that didn't have any in our family and she has been feeling kind of left out.
Christmas Morning

Olin got a train, even though he told Santa he wanted treats. And when asked what Santa brought, Olin will respond "Treats" because lucky for us he did bring treats too.
Jay got a chalkboard/whiteboard easel....and treats. She also sent another letter to Santa this weekend. I told her she better send a thank you note before she asks for more stuff.
And then, just to make JayLee's day better Dad moved Cash up to the coral so we could start feeding him. That meant Jay got to ride him from the tack shed down to the coral. That girl is horse crazy!!!
The day after Christmas is my Mom's birthday so this year we planned for all of her kids to go to church with her, then have dinner and open gifts. So we ate some great food and then watched 5 of my Mom's 7 grandkids open gifts. It was super chaotic but lots of fun.
In one of the chaotic moments where no one was watching JayLee, she opened this Barbie doll from Mike, Marie, and the boys. Oh my word, you would have thought she opened up a million dollars. She let out this high pitched squeal that made all of us stop what we were doing. It was definitely the kind of excitement you remember having about Christmas when you were a kid.
To be honest, I didn't see Olin much the whole night. He is pretty social. He just wanders around smiling at everyone and batting his blue eyes, trying to get candy. And considering Uncle Bro gave him a belt (one more thing he thinks he HAS to have) and had 5 lbs. of gummy worms in his possession, I was not #1 on his list of friends.

Lottie spent all night with her Great Grandma Greenan just sleeping away. And I can't believe she slept through it all.

And when the presents were gone the kids climbed underneath the Christmas tree. That is Melissa's little girl Bryar in the middle. Her and Jay are best buds when they get together, and Olin just follows/chases them. Something the girls take advantage of when they want to run from a monster.

These are the 2 of my Mom's grandkids that weren't running around all night. Hannah's baby Kahlen is on the left and Lottie is on the right. Both born on December 11.
And here is the proud Grandma. It was so much fun to have these 2 little ones together. They are 2 weeks old in this picture.
At the end of the night we tried to get a picture with all 7 of my Mom's grandkids. If you want to see how that turned out scroll down to the next post. I did manage to get these pictures of my kids in their new Christmas clothes.
We had a great Christmas, I hope you all did too!

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