Sunday, January 9, 2011

Christmas Clothes

My kids in their new Christmas clothes

I saw this dress (thanks to my sister Melissa) and knew that JayLee HAD to have one. However, the dress comes with a hefty price tag of $140. So I told myself "I can make that" (Trent hates it when I say this) and I did for a lot less than $140.

If anyone else has both has this attitude... 1. Your favorite little girl HAS to have that and 2. You can make that, let me know and I can help you. It really is simple to make, just time consuming. I would love to help though, so let me know.

And for all the Olin lovers out there.....

We had a fun little photos shoot one night but they didn't cooperate very well. Lottie didn't want anything to do with it but here she is 3 weeks old.


The Stewarts said...

"I can make that" Ryan hates it when I say that all the time too. The difference is he hates it because I'll buy the stuff and never end up making it. Or i'll make it and hate how it turned out. Trent should be glad you follow through and they always look great. Plus he grew up in the same house as me where if you could do something yourself instead of paying someone else to we did? Why is he not used to this saying!? Anyway your pictures are really cute. Love the dress! Can't believe Lottie is a month old!

Peter and Audra said...

Holy cow Kortnie!! You are SO Talented. That dress is AMAZING!!!
You have left me speachless! She looks adorable in it. WOW!

Kortnie said...

Thanks Audra, you are too nice. It really wasn't that hard if you want to make some for your girls let me know and I'll give you all the details or we cna do a class at my Mom's shop.