Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Pictures, courtesy of JayLee Jo

I finally put batteries in JayLee's camera that she got for her birthday. Once they died I was so tired of that thing, I could have thrown it in the garbage. Anyway, I loaded the pictures onto the computer and thought I would share some with you. There were over 100 on her sd card but there was a ton of the ground, a lot of blurry ones, and a good number of my butt (clothed of course.) Anyway here they are pictures of our life, through JayLee's eyes.....

I think those are onions with a lot of weeds in the background
Me (too bad it isn't a little more blurry)
Green peppers from the garden (my pjs in the background)
Afghan on the back of the couch (thanks mom)
Trent cussing at the very thought of pounding a post in the ground in Ioka. I'll explain if anyone cares to know one of these days, but it is nearly impossible.
Elmo chair she got from Uncle Bro for her 1st birthday

Olin and two binkies, he hasn't used one of those for 6 months. (tells you that I haven't loaded pictures form this camera once, woops)
Me and Rio

Cattle trailer

Olin and one of his favorite toys, the remote

This is a picture Jay wanted me to take of her with her camera. That doesn't happen very often . She is the only one that can take pictures and when she does let you take a picture with it you have to put the string around your neck.

Kind of random but I thought it was kind of funny to see her pictures. My favorite is the one of the bottom half of me and Rio's nose. Tell me your favorite.


Monsen3 said...

What talent she has. Too cute.

Karen said...

My fave is the close up of the peppers. It looks like modern art that could be blown up big and framed. It would match your new chairs you're recovering.