Thursday, July 9, 2009

July 4th

If you ask Trent what he did on the Fourth of July every year when he was growing up he will tell you we worked. Which is absolutely true. Growing up in Huntington we always had a big celebration and we went to all of it, every year. So I told Trent we had to do at least one fourth of July thing so we rode horses early in the afternoon and then went into town to watch fireworks that night.
This is Trent and Olin watching the fireworks.....

This is JayLee.......sleeping through the fireworks.

She fell asleep before we got there and would not wake up. Sunday morning she woke up and wanted to go and I had to show her these pictures to prove that we had gone.

She did have fun earlier in the day though. She got to ride horses and more important for her she got to ride Rio. Rio is my horse and he is soooo big. It scares me to put her clear up there but she loves it and he acts like a perfect gentleman for her. He bends his poll and rounds his back without her even asking. I'm sure it is just his lazy personality coming out. He'd much rather pack her than me.

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