Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Happy Birthday JayLee!!!

Here is the Birthday girl. She is 3! She is wearing everything she got for her birthday except I put the swimming suit away before she could try it on. Too bad, it would have been a better picture. We have some family coming out this weekend so I will post more on JayLee's birthday later this week.

Melissa told me today that she wished I posted on my blog everyday so for the next seven days I am going to post every day. That will teach her. By the end of this seven days she will be begging me to stop.

Anyway usually I would tell you a funny JayLee story but I have to save it for another day. (I have to post for 7 days straight I'm going to milk every story) Just a look into the future, you will probably hear about me and my new war with mice so if you don't check my blog for the next seven days, I don't blame you. Also I've been working on a really cute skirt, I will post some pictures.

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mshaw said...

Woo Hoo!! I'm excited for the next seven days!! One more request for your posts...please have at least one picture of each child! I really miss them! Love ya!