Thursday, April 23, 2009

Day 2

I finished my cute skirt but my friend took it so she could make one just like it (it is that cute)!! Here is a picture of it almost finished. The fabric is from Heather Bailey's Freshcut line. So Cute

This blogging every day is exhausting! But I will hold true to Melissa's request and post two pictures one of each kid. This one is on Halloween. I made Jay a Dorothy costume. She loved it! She had no idea who she was but I thought she was pretty cute.

This is of Olin after we got done feeding cows. I usually just hold him while I drive and Trent just throws the hay off. But when he is asleep I put him in his car seat (not buckled in) in the back. Well this particular day Jay fell asleep so when we were finished I carried JayLee in and came back to the truck to see Olin crawling out. He thought he was pretty cool!


Crazy Walker said...

I love the skirt! You're so talented. And Olin looks like he's so pleased with himself. "You think you can keep me still? Nuh-uh".

Monsen3 said...

I really need to start sewing again. I started making Laynee some little summer dresses but then things got hectic and now I don't even have a place to sew because we are remodeling. Are you still planning on making those bags?