Monday, April 25, 2011

JayLee's dance recital

Jay's dance recital was this Friday. Here is a video of Jay's class. Her class is 3-5 years old so she is one of the oldest in the class. When she stops she is trying to get one of the younger girls that ran off the stage to come back out. I was really proud of her for stopping to help, she is a really neat girl. It was fun to see her watch out for someone else when she could have been nervous herself.

She had a blast and she was really excited to wear makeup. Let me just tell you that her eyelashes are AMAZING!! They are so long! I was so jealous while I was putting mascara on her. She is one lucky girl. Sorry about me moving so much while taking the video. Olin was on my lap and kept moving back and forth. I finally had to put him on the ground but he was so excited to see JayLee.

This is part of her class. She is pretty good friends with the 2 girls in the yellow and the littlest girl in the purple is the girl she tried to get to come back out on stage. She is definitely sad that dance is over for the year.

As I was talking to her teacher, she told me that she was really excited for when she starts teaching them to turn out because JayLee is so naturally turned out. I just laughed but it puts a whole new perspective on being bowlegged.


The Stewarts said...

oh how we love Jaylee. wish we could have been there to see it!

Melissa said...

Love it!! She's so naturally kind hearted! Wish we were there!

Michelle said...

Sorry I couldn't be there I just can't get to everything. She is truly a kind hearted person. I am so very proud of her.