Thursday, June 25, 2009

Stillwater Reservoir

My friend called me this morning and wanted to take a trip to Stillwater Reservoir. I hadn't ever heard of it but it is this reservoir that overflows over the dam in the spring. It is about an hour from my house. So we loaded up 6 kids and went for a drive. It was really cool. My friend said you used to be able to get to the top and actually see the reservoir but it is closed off now and you can only see where it spills over. Here are some pictures.

When we drove around the corner and could see the water JayLee just kept saying "This is so cool, this is so cool, this is so cool." It was really pretty up there I guess I need to explore in the Uintahs a little more so I know how lucky I am to be so close.


Amber said...

Hello Kortnie This is Amber and now you finally have my address. Sorry it has been so confusing, I don't know what was going on. You have such a cute family. Where are you guys living?

the_nielsons said...

Kort! I haven't talked to you forever! I'm so happy that you found my blog! Now we can stay in touch better!

The Thomas Family said...

Hey Kort, it's been so long. I think when I last saw you was at the state fair and I think you just had JayLee. Congrats on the little boy he is way cute. I talk to Hannah every now and then but you know how busy life gets. I'm glad you found my blog so we can keep in touch.